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Garviled 1993, S.L., through the present document, recollects the Cookie Police in accomplishment in the disposed in the article 22.2 of the Law 34/2002, of July 11, from Services of Society of information and Electronic Commerce.

Cookies are stores in the terminal of the user (computer or mobile device) and collects information when visiting Garviled 1993, S.L. web page (http://www. Garviled.com/), with the finality of improving the usability of the cookies, know the habits or necessities of navigation of the users in order to adapt to them, as well as obtaining information for statistic finality. In the case of those users that are already clients of Garviled 1993, S.L., the information collected with the cookies will be used also for their identification when access to the different tools that Garviled  1993, S.L offers for the management of the services.

The present Cookie Police will be of application for those users that voluntarily visit the web pages of Garviled 1993, S.L., fulfill recovery data forms, enter the tools that Garviled 1993, S.L. offer their clients for managing their service or use any other service present in the website that implies communication of data to Garviled 1993, S.L., o access to data from Garviled 1993, S.L. for the lending of their services.

Garviled 1993, S.L. inform their users of their website, of the existence of cookies and makes available the present Police with the finality of informing of its use and the object of them. The fact that continuing a navigation through the web pages, supposes its knowledge and acceptation of the present Police from the part of the users.

Garviled 1993, S.L. uses the following types of cookies:

  • Classified for their ownership
  • Own cookies: sent and managed directly by Garviled 1993, S.L.
  • Third-party cookies: sent and managed by a third-party, anonymously, with the finality of making statistic studies of navigation through Garviled 1993, S.L website
  • Classified by its finality
  • Technical cookies or of personalization: they facilitate navigation when identifying the session, they allow the access to tools of registered access, and also they configure the available options. They make possible the service solicited previously by the user.
  • Cookies of analysis and/or of publicity: they allow to know the number of visits received in the different sections of the web page, the habits and tendencies of the users and in consequence, improve the navigation and the service offered by Garviled 1993, S.L. (fundamentally, Google Analytics). Also, it manages the publicity spaces included in the website visited by the user. Collects data in an anonymous form with the finality of obtaining navigation profiles of the users.
  • Classified by their duration
  • Cookies of session: they collect and stock data while the user accesses the website
  • Persistent Cookies: they collect and stock data in the users terminal during the variable period of time in function to the finality of what are they being used.

The time of conservation of the cookies will depend on the type and always will be the minimum indispensable for accomplishing their finality.

In any case, the users can configure their navigator in a way that they can disable or block the reception of all or part of the cookies. The fact of not desiring the reception of this cookies does not constitute an impediment to access the information of the Garviled 1993, S.L. website, although some of the services could be limited. If once granted the consent of the reception of cookies, you wished to retire the consent, you should eliminate those that have been collected in your electronic device throughout the options of the different navigators

The way to configure the different navigators in order to exercise the actions mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you can consult in:

Garviled 1993, S.L. will modify the present cookie Police whenever it occurs changes of configuration and/or utilization, publishing the actualized version in their websites.